Yahoo-Google Ad Deal attracts Anti-trust Investigation

If the latest Yahoo-Google deal that lets Yahoo use Google ads in their search results comes through, that’ll give Google ads a reach to over 90% of the netizens, making them the undisputed leaders in the online advertising domain. No wonder, the government regulators have took note of the new deal that favors Google enormously, and now the US Department of Justice is planning to launch a formal antitrust investigation on the deal, probably because they had found some cause for concern in at least some of the clauses of the deal. However, Google and Yahoo had exuded confidence that their path breaking deal will eventually come through, and had given 100 days to the antitrust authorities to draw their conclusion before they begin implementing the program.Thank you.

SQL Server 2008 to hit the Market on August 2008

It is official now! The long wait for SQL Server 2008 is over! At the Worldwide Partner Conference held in Houston on July 9, Bob Kelly, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Infrastructure Server Marketing, told the invited guests that SQL Server 2008 will be part of the price list for August 2008. Regarding pricing, he said that the new release will be priced the same as that of its earlier version SQL Server 2005. Microsoft had released the near-final Release Candidate (RC) 0 test build of SQL Server 2008 in early June this year.

Microsoft had actually ‘launched’ SQL Server 2008 in February 2008 itself, alongside Windows Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008, but they have not released it to the market yet. If no further delays occur, the SQL Server 2008 should be up for sale this August middle.

Microsoft to Release XP SP3 via Automatic Update

Microsoft has released XP SP3 (Service Pack 3) through it automatic updates starting July 10, 2008. Earlier company official were quite vague in their responses, when asked about the possible date of release of SP3 to XP users worldwide. Also, the release was stalled a couple of times earlier owing to compatibility issues and performance glitches.

However, not all users might get to download XP SP3 straightaway as Microsoft opens it to select users only initially. According to Microsoft spokeswoman, ‘As with all service pack releases, Microsoft will carefully monitor the release to ensure that all customers have a good experience’. But for the existing users of Windows XP, who doesn’t want SP3 to be downloaded into their computers now, need to deploy the Microsoft Service Pack blocker toolkit (or modify the update settings) to delay the pushed-delivery of SP3.

iPhone now comes with Microsoft ActiveSync Support

iPhones now include ActiveSync support for Exchange Server. According to its makers Microsoft, “ActiveSync is a data synchronization service that facilitates mobile users to access their e-mail, calendar, and contacts and retain access to this information while they are offline.” In fact, Apple had licensed ActiveSync from Microsoft more than a year back, but did not acknowledge it in open until as recently as March 2008.

Interestingly, Microsoft was not amongst the vendors who rolled out new apps to the new iPhone store this week. There was no word from the software behemoth as to if or when they might do so. Apparently Microsoft was not happy with the 30% cut Apple had demanded from vendors in order to make them part of the iPhone store.

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Windows XP Is Not Dead Yet!

Over the recent past, there have been hundreds of thousands of people that have signed petitions requesting Microsoft to not dump Windows XP. This has come in the wake of fears that retailers may stop selling Windows XP once the end of June 2008 has come and gone which is enough time, Microsoft thinks to fix whatever problems may crop up with its new operating system – Windows Vista.

The trouble with phasing out Windows XP operating system is that many of the hardware that work with XP will not be of much use when your install Windows Vista on your computer since many of the drivers involved won’t be geared to work with XP. It would mean that if you go the Vista route, and then you would need to spend extra cash on buying products compatible with this operating system. In addition, you may also be saddled with an old system that just cannot handle the unique graphics as well as programs that come with Windows Vista.

However, some experts also believe that most users are not so keen on switching over to Windows Vista overnight or in the immediate time frame since there is also not enough Microsoft support for the new Vista.

Thus, if you are worried about how the demise of Windows XP will affect your computing, you too can add your name to the signature campaign to save this reliable operating system. It could help prevent Microsoft from removing Windows XP from their shelves. The good news is that even the Government has advised the schools to refrain from installing Vista because according to this circular, Vista is more suited for the needs of business enterprises rather than for the education industry.

In any case, it is heartening to learn that Microsoft has extended the life of Windows XP from September 2007 to the end of June 2008. In addition, the company has also learnt about the petition and it feels that it would be best for the company to take into account the feelings of end-users and there is thus good reason to believe that they will not precipitate any hasty action.

With so many thousands of people signing the petition to kill the switch to Microsoft’s new operating system Windows Vista, there is enough reason to hope that users will not have to immediately switch over to using Windows Vista.

The Benefits of Using Windows Vista

For those who have spent the last five years using the Windows XP operating system, it must surely have grown under your skin and a switch to the latest Microsoft operating system Windows Vista may not be exactly the most desirable thing. No doubt, with Windows XP you had to put up with a number of patches as well as updates and of course in all this time the face of computing had undergone many changes.

At present, users need to use the Internet to perform downloads of various tools, and software products, and of course, you must have got used to downloading your favorite music as well as video using the Windows XP operating system. As a matter of fact, for many years Microsoft has been working in developing a radically different operating system in the form of the Windows Vista which is the product of extensive research and development.

Now that the testing and adjustments have been finished, Windows Vista is the new operating system being shipped with all new hardware, and so it pays to find out just how its launch is going to affect you. The first thing that will strike you is that Windows Vista is not radically different from Windows XP and so there is less to learn once you make the switch. In fact, you will feel very much at home using the Vista operating system, though once you dig a little deeper into how each works, there will be a few notable differences.

Windows Vista of course has a number of new tools and features that help you to perform your computing quicker and in an easier manner and best of all, using this new operating system is actually quite a lot of fun. There are also certain developments that make your Vista more intuitive as well as safer and secure. What’s more, there are as many as eight different Vista editions with some versions specific to certain companies and also to large corporations.

If you are living in the United Kingdom, you can opt for either Vista Home Premium or Vista Home Basic that essentially are very much like your old Windows XP Home Edition. However, if you need something even more advanced, you can opt for Windows Vista Ultimate that is the equivalent of Windows XP Professional Edition.

Vista sports a whole new design including the excellent transparency effects which you get provided you have a powerful enough graphics card. The Start button has gone and been replaced with Windows Logo. Overall, Vista is very efficient, and searching is integrated very tightly into your Start menu. For first time users, there is a Welcome Center that shows you how to configure your system.

A new feature is Parental Controls and in addition, there is also Windows Sideshow to specify what must be displayed on this screen. Control Panel options have been given a new name and the old Display Properties is now known as Personalization. New tools have been added and now Windows Mail replaces Outlook. XP Pictures as well as Fax Viewer are now Windows Photo Gallery, and the way folders are displayed is also new.

Identify Your Target Market to Maximize Your Earnings

Tips to Identify Your Target Market to Maximize Your Earnings

If you are an online entrepreneur, one of your main concerns would be learning to identify a target market which must then be tapped in order to maximize earnings and reap greater profits. This of course will give rise to a number of possibilities including establishing who the people are that are buying your service or product, being impervious to competing firms and individuals, and performing thorough research as well as completely analyzing the market for your product.

Obviously, the key to identifying a target market lies in recognizing which kind of people are interested in your products or services and having identified this section of the market, you then need to price your product or service attractively enough to wean them away from competitors and induce them into buying from you. This will increase your earnings and also help you earn greater profits.

Another aspect to identifying a target market is being impervious to competition, especially from the larger corporations. The reason is that large corporations will think of a wider spectrum of customers and thus their products are not specific to certain kinds of customers only. This is where you can capitalize by identifying prospects and then targeting your product or service to only serve their needs.

Of course, you need to thoroughly study the market and factor in things like particular age groups and also determine which kind of customer would be most likely to buy your product. For example, you can check whether the product is useful for babies, or teenagers or older people. Of course, your product can also meet the needs of all age groups. Then, you need to establish what the customer profile is with regard to particular genders, occupations, marital status as well as ethnicity and even health or income standing and finally, educational level and even particular hobby interests.

Once you are sure about these particulars with regard to your targeted audiences, you then need to establish how your product will benefit this target market and for this you may need to conduct surveys or have questionnaires filled out by the customers and otherwise also get their feedback with regard to satisfaction levels with your product.

Armed with all this information, you can then strategize your marketing efforts in such a way that it helps you achieve maximum sales. In fact, here use of the Internet can play a very important role since its reach is global and thus you can attract many more customers than if you only tapped the offline market.

You can also advertise through ezines and newspapers though what is more important knows who your target audience is and then focusing all of your marketing efforts in getting the business from the targeted customers.

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The Importance of Link Popularity in Internet Marketing

If you are using what are known as one-way links at least there is nothing to worry about with regard to having your site linked to some less than savory neighborhoods. Best means of obtaining such links is through joining forums where you can post links and where you can also pen some articles and there add your link and finally you can also submit your own website to a directory or many of them.

The fact of the matter is that link popularity is a key feature of internet marketing and a website will profit immensely if it is oft visited. And, in order to drive more traffic to your website it would help to put links that point to your website in the most appropriate places on the Internet. With competition very fierce, a website would not otherwise be able to survive unless it has adequate promotion and thus you need to pay close attention to link popularity.

In fact, through link popularity, you can make a second or even third source of income because with many links placed all over the Internet, you can expect to get increased traffic and thus better sales and hence more money would fill your coffers.

However, there is more to it than placing links on the internet. Firstly, you need to be sure of your target market and then you need to place the link where your target market visits the online environment. It also helps to get reciprocal links and by advertising your product or services with different tools of online marketing you will be able to taste more success.

With the right technique of building links, you can create a greater presence on the Internet which of course means more business opportunities. Link popularity in fact is the proper vehicle to help your website show up on the front pages of search engine result pages and that will mean more exposure. In fact, if you use the services of an astute webmaster you can populate links over the internet by using what is known as black hat technique and a good example is link farms. However, there is also the harder route and that is to exchange links manually and also manually submit your links to directories that in turn are human edited.

However, be careful that you don’t build your links so fast that search engines will get whiff of an illegal activity that can in turn even get your website banned.

Get More Sales Using Microsoft adCenter

No doubt, today Microsoft has enjoyed an Internet presence for quite a few decades and even though it continues to offer the public exciting new products including Windows Live Search, as a search engine it does lag behind both Google and Yahoo! However, it is nevertheless a much used search engine and thus it has a lot of relevance to most Internet users regardless of the fact that it is still not the number one search engine.

Just recently it came out with an announcement regarding the launch of its adExcellence program in the UK. In fact, this product first hit the US market sometime around December of 2007, and it seems that it was successful enough for it to also be launched in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, it enables advertisers to get training free of cost so that they can become experts in adCenter.

However, when using adCenter that targets Latino users, Microsoft does not as yet allow the landing page to be written in the Spanish language which is a real pity because there are certainly a significant number of Spanish speaking Americans that would have welcomed such a feature.

The fact is that the market for Spanish speaking Americans is huge and lack of this particular feature is sure to affect many people who would have welcomed being able to read the landing page in Spanish. According to Microsoft, the reason why this facility is not available is because use is being made of an American distribution channel which is especially targeting US citizens and thus there is no scope to allow a foreign language such as Spanish to be used on the landing pages.

The trouble is that there does not seem to be a similar restriction when using Google or even Yahoo! which is a pity because there is certainly a huge Spanish American presence in the US.

Another piece of trivia relates to Microsoft adCenter being used to power advertisements on the Wall Street Journal Digital Network. Thus, now it is possible to power your paid as well as contextual ads on Wall Street Journal’s Digital Network which includes a number of sites including and

In fact, this feature gives Microsoft added advertising exposure to as many as twenty million users and it also means that there are as many as three hundred and thirty million page views made on a monthly basis. Though, contextual ads shall start to appear in a short time frame, as far as the paid search ads go, the timing for them has yet to be announced.